Friday, June 1, 2012

Shedding Pounds Through Hypnotherapy.

I wanted to share a little bit of the experience my clients have had using hypnotherapy to jumpstart shedding pounds. It's something so many of us have struggled with and seeing people succeed through the use of this process is so fun and rewarding.

One of the  keys to working efficiently with hypnosis is identifying what triggers unhealthy eating habits and addressing those keys to modify them.

My very first client was my girlfriend, Jen. When I started training she was insanely interested in the idea of trying it and offered to be my "guinea pig", for which I was eternally grateful. We talked about how she might better manage her weight and what came up was that she celebrates with food. Now, I'm not talking the occasional piece of BDay cake but swinging through Starbucks for a Venti 'let's get everything that tastes good in the cup' kind of drink every time something good happened for her. She was going through a period where a lot of wonderful was happening so Starbucks was seeing a lot of her ;-)

I customized a session for her where she was not only given suggestions to celebrate in other ways but also that juicy fruits and savory vegetables were so very satisfying and that they filled her with limitless energy.

A week later, Jen came back for her second session jubilant that she had shed 2 lbs. "without doing anything!".  In actuality she had made some changes in eating habits that she had not quite as yet acknowledged. After a couple more sessions and a few more pounds she was inspired to start a low carb diet and more activity, and the last time I heard, she had lost 19 lbs. and excited that people were really noticing the changes in her.

If you have not had success in your weight loss efforts, hypnosis can be the missing link to changing habits for a lifetime. 15 minute phone consultations are always free and right now I'm offering a summer special to jumpstart your swimsuit season. It only takes a few minutes to see if this is right for you so call me, 480.366.4476

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