Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why I Offer 'Music Monday' On My Facebook Page

Someone asked me recently why I offer 'Music Monday' on my Facebook Page. Well, here's my reasoning. Hypnotherapy is unfamiliar territory for most people. It's actually very scary to a lot of people. They think it's (background soundtrack: ooooooohhhhhhh) mind control. So what does that have to do with music and singing? Music is common ground. It makes people feel comfortable and promotes having fun. Singing raises the endorphin levels which also makes people feel good. When we are comfortable and feel good, we are more likely to be open and take a little risk. Offering 'Music Monday' affords the readers of my page the opportunity to get to know me and what I do on neutral ground, sharing music and maybe scrolling through my page for articles that describe the benefits of hypnotherapy. It gives them a reason to come back, wondering what I might post from week to week, an excuse to listen (and sing to) music that they enjoy.

People do business with the people they enjoy and feel comfortable with. I want each and every person who considers my services to feel like my home is their home...and on Facebook it is. I hope you will come by Soul's Whisper Hypnotherapy on Facebook, pull up a bean bag and hang out a while...maybe we'll have a pot luck. On Monday's there's music and there are some good posts on hypnosis and general wellness. You're always welcome, and if you want to know more, 15 minute phone consultations are always free ;-)

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