Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hypnosis And Pain Control or Why You Never Argue With A Horse.

When a horse decides not to move brute force rarely wins...a hard lesson learned when I sprained my back a couple of weeks ago. Throwing my shoulder into 1200 lbs. of "Yes, that IS MY HOOF on top of your foot" did nothing to move the horse and bought me a world of pain. Tough lessons, painful lessons and one that has helped me gain more experience in using hypnotic techniques to lessen my own pain, whether a client's or my own. I have to say that for myself, I find it much harder to guide myself into hypnosis than have someone do it for me, so don't be discouraged if you find it challenging at first. Like anything it takes practice, practice and more practice. I'd like to share today a method for using hypno for pain control, but first the usual disclaimer...I am not a Doctor nor do I play one on TV. This entry is for educational and entertainment use only ;-), and you should always see your Doctor to determine the severity of your condition and not just jump into this type of hypnosis. With that said, Here is what I do for pain release and what I have done for my clients. It's a process called Color Therapy. After centering and relaxing myself I visualize the area of my pain with a color that for represents the pain which for me is bright, glowing, vibrating red. I take deep cleansing breaths and then start imagining that the air that I am breathing in is of a healing color, which to me is a green or blue. Each inhalation of air I direct toward the source of the pain and imagine I am blowing that color onto that glowing red center in the pain. With each breath that I blow on it I imagine the red getting dull, fading to pink, fading to white becoming normal. With each exhalation I see the red leaving my body through my breath, blowing out clouds of ever lightening red/pink air knowing I have replaced the color and pain with cooling green/blue healing air and color. I'm glad to share this method with you and hope that you got two things from this message to lessen your pain with the use of color therapy and never to tackle a brick wall, err, horse.

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