Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Another Fulfillment Friday! The Vision Board And Drawing Announcment

NNoteI love to help people hone down their focus to the point of being able to achieve the things they desire and there are a number of ways to do it. One of my favorite tools is the vision board.  Creating a vision board assists you in getting your desires by allowing you to keep them uppermost in your mind. In it's most basic sense, by hanging it where you are going to look repeatedly (like by your desk) you are constantly aware of your goals and tuned in to the opportunities to achieve your desires as they come along. But there is something more than that...there is a synergy that happens when you are constantly aware of something. Every thought has a frequency. Thoughts send out a magnetic energy that seems to bring that which we think about, feel about, closer.

Example: I wanted a particular camera bag and put the exact bag on my board. Months later, I went to a trade show that I had not planned on going to that year. The company that made the bag was there and selling that bag not only at a reduced rate but with bonus additional covers and I had just booked a large job. I own that bag now.

Sometimes you get a surprise with your board choices. Same board, different goal. I wanted to make sure I went camping A LOT more that year and picked a beautiful photo of a tent that looked just like mine near a lake with a mountain in the background (specifically The Rockies). This was a year where we had decided to spend our vacation budget on a lot of local trips and we did go camping alot...but imagine my surprise when the opportunity came up to visit a dear friend in Telluride, Colorado, spending a week horseback riding surrounded by the grandeur of, you guessed it, The Rocky Mountains!

I love Vision Boards and make at least one every year, changing or even re-doing it as my desires change. I consider it one of my most important manifesting tools and hope you will, too.
FACEBOOKERS! Thank you for your support! I have drawn one special name from the members of Soul's Whisper Hypnotherapy page and the lucky winner is Holly Jo Armstrong! Holly Jo thank you for your support and please private message me with the address you would like your Complete Vision Board Kit by John Assarof mailed to.

Keep an eye out, when we hit 250 members we will have an even bigger and better contest to thank you for spending a little time with, well, me!

Note: This contest is not in any way affiliated with FaceBook.

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  1. I am absolutely honored that my name was chosen. I will use this wonderful gift from you and will keep you updated with what transpires! I am so excited! I never win anything! :) Thank you!!!!