Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Client's First Response ~ WOW!

Every once in a while I have a client who is so happy at the end of their first session that they can't wait to tell the world and I am so tickled that I couldn't wait to share what I found on Soul's Whisper's FaceBook Page.

Holly Jo came to me to help her stop smoking. Because she is out of state we chose to use Skype for our sessions. This is what she had to say after her first one:

"Had my first Hypnosis session today with Marcia. I am doing this for smoking cessation. If you have not had a session with her, I strongly suggest it. She has a very soothing voice and it was very easy to relax. Considering I am a person who has never been Hypnotized before, I was afraid it wouldn't work on me. I will definitely keep everyone updated how this works! Again.....if you do not have a session scheduled with her! Please do can be done through Skype also, if you are do not live close to her!"

and then...

"And....want to give you an update! When I do my chores....which takes me anywhere from 2 1/2-3hrs....I usually smoke 2-3 cigarettes....and I didn't have 1...left them inside and it felt great! Thanks.....can't wait until the next session!!!!" ~ Holly Jo Armstrong

As the days go by Holly Jo should find it easier not to smoke and I can't wait to hear the next update from her.

Would you like to stop smoking? Let's talk. 15 minute phone consultations are always complementary and we can tell during that phone call how hypnosis can help you kick the habit. Let me know when you would like to kick the habit.

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