Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Curious Question Of What's Out There ~ Sodalite

You had me at Hello (and Blue). I love anything blue...turquoise, lapis and of course, Sodalite. Dark blue with little white veins, this is a crystal of awareness, uniting logic with intuition and enhancing meditation. It is helpful in group situations, stimulating companionship and interdependence.

Psychologically Sodalite helps with the shadows....panic attacks, core fears, phobias are eased with use of this crystal. It is calming to the mind, allowing the release of old paradigms and the acceptance of new mindsets.This makes it a powerful stone for combatting addictive behavior.

On a physical healing level it is an immunity system booster and combats radiation damage. Insomniacs will love working with this mineral that enhances sleep. Balancing the metabolic system and cleansing the lymphatic system is just another of Sodalite's attributes and it can also help with throat and larynx issues.

Wearing Sodalite long term allows it to give the most benefit in helping to tackle these issues.
Sodalite bracelet                                                                                                             Copyright Marcia Mauskopf 2013