Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Curious Question Of What's Out There ~ Clear Quartz

I am so fascinated by Clear Quartz...by now we all know that Quartz has it's technological applications, it's piezoelectric effect generating an electrical charge in our everyday items like watches...but did you know how it can affect your body?

On a physical level it stimulates the immune system and brings balance. Acupuncture needles that are coated in quartz have been found to be 10% more effective in their healing properties than those that are uncoated. As a Master Healing stone it can be used to aid any condition.

Mentally, Clear Quartz helps you access your memory stores while aiding concentration. I like to keep a bowl of small clear quartz stones near my desk as a visual resting place as well as helping me to keep clearheaded and focused on my work.

Spiritually Clear Quartz helps to raise your vibration to the highest level possible, cleansing your soul, enhancing psychic abilities and attuning you to your spiritual purpose. Meditating with Clear Quartz helps to filter out distractions while working on all levels of being.

I enjoy having my Quartz Crystals around....their multiplicity in use makes them an essential to any crystal collection and they are just plain beautiful to behold.
Clear Quartz                                                                                                                            Copyright Marcia Mauskopf 2013

Monday, June 3, 2013

Is Past Life Regression Right For You?

Among the most interesting applications of hypnotherapy is Past Life Regression. Many belief systems include the theory that our souls come back many times to learn lessons and have earthly experiences. In those past human experiences resulting trauma can manifest into the current lifetime. By finding those past experiences and understanding them, ailments that have no explanation, both physical and emotional can be healed.
  • A man with a chronic sore throat finds in a past life he was fatally shot with an arrow through his throat. Understanding the death heals the chronic sore throat.
  • A woman who could not get over the death of a high school sweetheart finds that he was her love in many different lives. Feeling that she is sure to be with him in another lifetime allows her to finish the grieving process.
  • A woman with muscle spasms finds that in a past life she has the guilt of lying to her husband about the parentage of their daughter. Releasing the guilt stops the spasms.
So how does the process work? The client is aided into trance and once under is lead to the past lives that are the most influence in the current lifetime. The therapist discusses with the client what was happening in that lifetime and determines  the original nature of the current ailment. through this discussion the client comes to understand why the original trauma affects the current life and the therapist works with the client to absolve the issues which then leads to healing in the present lifetime.

Now here is the really interesting wrinkle...the client does not have to believe in past lives for this to work. By working with the imagination to have the client make a story about the past life affecting this one healing can still take place. Many report a feeling of true peace after past life regression therapy. Understanding past traumas allow the client to let go of present angst as well as physical manifestations.

Is this right for you? If you have an open mind and a sense of adventure this type of therapy can be both enlightening and therapeutic. 15 minute consultations are always free and can determine how this kind of therapy can work for you.

Want to know more? Check out this link to read about documented cases of Past Life Regression and this one for an interesting case study on how muscle spasms were relieved by learning the past life cause.