Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Envisioning Your Success

We all need a road map at times and a Vision Board is a powerful way to stay on your path and manifest your desires.

Our brain responds very efficiently to images, once exposed seeking the opportunities to fulfill our desires. Making a "road map" of images that you associate with your desires can help attain your goals faster than just writing them down or doing affirmations. To work, your vision board needs to be where you will view it several times during the day. I do mine digitally and make it the desktop of all my computers.

You can put anything you'd like that symbolizes what you want. Vacation? How about a cruise ship or hotel on the beach? Better Health? A basket of fruit and veggies or a mountain biker might fit the bill here. True Love? Take a leaf from florists and spread red roses across your board. New car? Glue a pic of the type of car you would like. Make sure you place a picture of yourself in the center and a border around the board to hold your desires in and you are finished. Hang someplace in your home and make sure you not only take a look several times a day but take the time to really enjoy allowing your eye to travel around and absorb the images. As you manifest your desires, be sure to take off the things you have received and add new ones.

Vision boards are one of the most powerful ways for you to focus and attract the experiences and items that you desire. Creating one is an enjoyable way to spend an evening and musing over yours a relaxing past time that assists you to dream, organize your thoughts and manifest your wishes.

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