Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Curious Question Of What's Out There ~ Drusy Quartz

Drusy Quartz                                                ©Marcia Mauskopf 2014
Mounds of tiny flecks catching and throwing light make Drusy Crystal a favorite among those of us that love sparkly things. This is a high vibration crystal that can help with fatigue and insecurity issues. Calming the mind it draws out negative energy and helps allow the flow of positive energy for the user. An aid to meditation and visualization, drusy also helps stabilize the aura and allows for clear, pragmatic thinking. I keep mine on my nightstand and love how my crown chakra tingles when I hold it.

Beautiful to enjoy as a decorative piece, drusy is also a stunning stone to use as jewelry either in it's natural state, dyed or covered in titanium. It's sugar like texture casts a sparkle that packs as much oomph as a large stone but is much more affordable.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Book Released ~~ Congratulations To Rod Lyman!

Love it when friends accomplish wonderful things. Rod Lyman has just released his second book!  The Seven Year Cycle is a short read chockful of wonderful information about how your chakras cycle through your personal growth.

From Rod: During my years of studying Chakras I have noticed a lot of yoga teaching which links the seven main Chakras to the seven year time periods of life.
The cycle begins at birth and starts from our root/base chakra and works its way up our body, reaching our 7th Crown Chakra at age 43. Then the cycle starts all over again from the root/base/1st Chakra and continues until our final day. Each association of the cycle gives us more depth to our life familiarity and personal growth, each 7 years is deeply influenced by the corresponding Chakra.

Rod will be holding a book signing during his open house at his business, Beyond Today Co. this Friday from 5-8 pm. It's a wonderful location in the Biltmore Lake area of Phoenix where you will also be able to learn about all the services at this wellness center and meet many of the practitioners who also call it home.