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Soul's Whisper Hypnotherapy is devoted to helping you add brilliance to your life. By guiding you to remove that which is blocking you, achieving goals becomes easier and enjoyable. Whether your goal is to achieve your ideal weight and luminous health, kicking your smoking habit, or finding your focus and motivation, hypnosis can make the difference between trying and doing.

Soul's Whisper began as a thought, specifically, "I wonder what that's all about".  For years I had listened to a radio show, Dick Sutphen's Metaphysical World, and while I was fully committed to a career as a photographer I would always stop for a moment to listen to his commercials for his hypnosis certification classes and dream, "what if?". As the years went by I had the opportunity to get to know this man and his teachings, a seminar here, reading one of his best selling books, there, learning to use his hypnosis cd's and improve my life from his work. Finally a chance to take his certification class. Once learning how to help others with his techniques I knew I wanted to take these skills and use them to help add brilliance to their lives in the way I had learned to do so for myself.

Since then I have expanded my skills to include Reiki and am now a 5th generation Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. I offer reiki for healing to my clients and have added the skills necessary to also offer Equine Energy Work.

I am available to speak to your group on the subjects of Hypnosis, Creativity or Past Life Regression.The following programs are available and in addition a program can be customized to the needs of your group. For media kit or further information please call 480.366.4476 or m.risingphx@gmail.com

Is Hypnosis Right For You?
This energetic discussion session will help dispel some of the common misconceptions of Hypnosis while offering the information needed to decide how hypnosis can be a benefit to you. Marcia will start with a short discussion on the basics of hypnotherapy followed by an interactive session that will have participants examining some of the issues they face in everyday life that could benefit from this type of relief. The program will end with a group hypnosis session which will be both relaxing and offer participants the tools to use in day to day stress relief.

Unleash Your Creativity
Based on the best selling program The Artist Way, Marcia shows how breaking blocks artistically can add brilliance to your life. Participants will take part in a collaging exercise as well as receiving tips on how adding art and creativity to their lives can enhance their well being.

Past Life Regression
Do you believe in past lives? How could a past life influence who you are today? Can information from the past be used to relieve the pain of the present? In this in depth program, Marcia discusses past case histories and how clients have benefited from regression sessions and shows the benefit of looking back to go forward.

15 minute phone consultations are always complimentary and I encourage you to find out how hypnotherapy and energy work can help you heal. I can be reached at 480.334.9374, m.risingphx@gmail.com and on Facebook through Soul's Whisper Hypnotherapy

  • Certification, International Hypnosis Federation
  • Member, International Hypnosis Federation
  • Member, Arizona Society of Professional Hypnotists

Marcia Mauskopf, CHt RMT

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