Equine Energy Work

Marcia Mauskopf CHt RMT
Reiki is a wonderful way to treat your horse to relaxation and wellness. What is Reiki? It is simply a healing method utilizing energy that originated in Japan. Traditionally used with people, it is an accepted form of alternative treatment that is offered in hospitals such as Banner Health Systems here in Phoenix and Tucson Medical Center. As wonderful as Reiki is for people, it is just as beneficial for horses and other animals.


Why Offer Reiki To Your Horse:

  • This is a healing energy...it involves no prodding, no manipulation or needles...it is simply flowing Universal Energy to your horse either hands on or by distance healing outside the stall. It complements all forms of prescriptive treatment and is not harmful in any way, it can only help your horse.
  • Horses are very intuitive and once they sense that this is a positive experience will look forward to it and some horses will actually turn the injured part of their body toward the practitioners hands in an attempt to concentrate the energy on where they feel they need it most...Have other horses in your pasture? It's not unusual to see several of them pointing their head toward the practitioner to also enjoy the flow.
  • Horses with abuse or trauma issues are especially benefited by Reiki. This subtle energy serves to relax your horse and induce a state of well being that can help reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Illness and injuries often heal more quickly utilizing Reiki in conjunction with conventional treatment.
  • When the vet says it's that time, Reiki is an effective means of helping your horse in the transition process, opening the way for the horse to relax and let go rather than struggling to stay with their family.

  • Sessions are up to an hour and your horse actually governs how long the session is. Travel is included to the communities of  Scottsdale, Cave Creek and Carefree. Travel fees may apply outside of these areas.

    Individual Sessions: $60
    Prepaid Package of 4 Sessions: $200

    15 minute phone consultations are always complimentary and I invite you to talk with me about how Reiki can benefit your horse
    Phone: 480.366.4476
    Email: m.risingphx@gmail.com
    Facebook: Soul's Whisper Hypnotherapy

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