Soul's Whisper specializes in weight management, smoking cessation, motivation and past life regression. It's important that you are a good match with your Hypnotherapist as she will be embarking on a very personal journey with you, guiding you as you remove the blocks that are keeping you from achieving your goals. 15 minute phone consultations are always complementary and I invite you to call and see how we might work together to add brilliance to your life.

General Sessions:
  • 15 Minute Initial Phone Consultation ~~ Always Free
  • Single Session, $125
  • 3 Session plan, $300
  • 6 Session Plan, $500
Past Life Regression....utilize your most influential past lives to help heal today's issues. Session is up to three hours, in person only.
  • Single Session $200
NEW! The Relaxation Series...spend deep visualization time in your favorite outdoor setting. Marcia will customize your session to incorporate your favorite sights, sounds and scents to give you a personal relaxation experience. Choose from the following sessions:
  • Forest
  • Ocean
  • Desert
  • Lake
  • Single Session $49, 3 Session Plan $99 

Check blog periodically for Events and Specials. Phone: 480.366.4476
Email: m.risingphx@gmail.com
Facebook: Soul's Whisper Hypnotherapy

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