Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Winna! Winna!

We all love the feeling of being a winner, don't we? it's fun to get a prize, maybe experience something new?

Well, I love celebrating the generosity of those who support me ;-) As many of you know, I have a FaceBook page for my hypnotherapy practice. Well, I'm going to do a drawing for a free relaxing mind vacation on the beach! We'll drift away to a sunlit beach where you will soak in the warmth and receive the tools to be able to take yourself back there again and again.

So how do you enter? Just 'like' my's as simple as that! Each 'like' on my page becomes a ticket to winning. When we hit 150 I'll use a random number generator to select the winner.

Hope to see you on Facebook!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bug Bites and Their Relation To Hypnotherapy

I just got back from an amazing vacation. One of the best and worst experiences this week was doing that which I love the most, horseback riding.

I was at Jekyll Island in Georgia. A beautiful, hot and humid day, a spirited horse and a trail that led through a palmetto forest to a white sandy beach. I saturated my exposed skin with Mosquito Coast sunscreen and left on an idyllic ride. Rebel and I trotted along the beach waving to kids in the water and having a good ol' time with a few other riders.

Or so I thought. An hour later my legs were on fire. I was full protected by the insect repellent in the sunscreen where I had sprayed it...but my legs under my pants were fair game and soon after the ride I was in agony. The only solution was to peel off my pants and cover myself in anti-itch cream every few hours. The cream helped enormously, but it was the peeling of layers and self help that sped the process of healing.

Hypnotherapy is similar to first aid of this kind. Just like the red bumps forming under my clothes, the trials of life often lay wounds under our skin where we least expect them, showing up later as blocks and anxiety. Hypnotherapy peels back the layers of our conscious mind, revealing that which keeps us from experiencing the brilliance of life. Once the subconscious is exposed, positive suggestion is the salve that heals those hidden scars, allowing us the freedom to experience fully the things we love most.


Have questions about how hypnosis can add brilliance to your life? I'd love to talk with you about it. 15 minute phone consultations are always free and can help you determine if hypnosis is right for you.

Riding Through The Palmettos, Jekyll Island, GA                                                                                       ©Jeff Felske 2012