Friday, October 19, 2012

The Curious Question Of What's Out There ~ Selenite

As I walk this career path called Hypnotherapy my eyes have been opened up to so many things that I'd like to share with you. While Modern Medicine is our Western Culture's gold standard there exist modalities that defy explanation yet are very effective.

I just got back from vacation...a vacation with a mishap that left me with bruises, bumps, screaming muscle spasms. It was also a vacation that gave me the opportunity to do a lot of collecting of pretty, sparkling crystals. You see, I've always been fascinated by how I feel when I wear different pieces of, amethysts,'s not just about feeling pretty, but the overall state of wellness I feel when having these little pieces of Mother Nature adorning my body. Well, you know what? There's a science behind it. Turns out that different types of crystal emit energy waves and that's the real feel good behind wearing sparkly things.

So, here we are on vacation and on the way home stop in Sedona for lunch and I am in such discomfort that not even the prescribed Vicodin is cutting the pain. We see a little crystal store and go in; almost immediately I begin to relax amidst the sparkle in the room. The saleswoman, noticing my pain asks me if I have ever experienced crystal singing bowls, which are thereaputic bowls which, when rubbed on the rim produce a tone...the tones are linked to the type of crystal embedded in the bowl.

The first bowl she rubs emits a beautiful tone not unlike a church bell and I almost drop to my knees when the vibration hits me, feeling like someone is "giving me a noogie (remember those?)" in my shoulder. She immediately moves to a different bowl and the sound produced gives me relief in a matter of seconds.

Sometimes there are things out there that rival the best drugs ;-)
I am in the process of educating myself on the benefits of different crystals and would like to share this with you. Today is Selenite.

Selenite is a part of the gypsum family and gets it's name from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. Holding a piece of Selenite can help you to feel calm and centered and keeping a piece in the room you spend time in the most can help ensure a peaceful atmosphere. It can be used as an aid in hypnosis, helping one to access their personal power and can even help enhance concentration and clarity of mind. This is one very powerful crystal.

I brought a piece home from a Rock Shop in Moab Utah. I love how it sparkles in the sun, don't you?
Shard of Selenite                                                                                                                       ©Marcia Mauskopf 2012

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